Yoga is a personal “IN”reach. Yoga, the word itself means “to yoke”. When we step onto a yoga mat we choose to “yoke” ourselves to something. Yes yoga is a muscular workout that stretches the body but it was primarily conceived to enable the body to sit and meditate for long periods of time to connect to God. Yoga is for everyone and all are welcome to open their hearts and connect more deeply through their bodies through yoga to Christ

…it was wonderful!! Loved connecting to the scripture in such a unique way! Plus, I LOVE yoga and haven’t been able to do it in YEARS. Helps with all the strenuous exercises I do all week long.


Reserve your spot here for the upcoming Practicing Peace Retreat at the lovely Wildflower Ranch in Willis, TX ~just 45 mins north of Houston. All meals, lodging, sessions and swag are included. $420 before Feb. 1st then $450 through March 10th. https://forms.gle/UJ51epZvSpmhmgL6A

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